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Why you should hire a home builder, even on a lot you own.

Imagine owning the perfect piece of land you had always dreamed about. Its it an ideal neighborhood, zoned for a great school, plenty of yard for the kids to play, and of course a short commute to work. The next step is planning and building a home. Deciding to build a home is big decision by itself. Many people dont understand just how much goes into this process. If you were to do it yourself, it would include researching building cost, material cost, choosing the right sub contractors, creating a timeline, managing the subcontractors, manage and oversee the budget.. all while trying to work your normal job. Does this sound confusing and overwhelming? it can get that way in a hurry.

Beyond the obvious benefits of having a home builder with plenty of experience, there are other not so obvious benefits. If you decide to forego working with a custom home builder, prepare to work with a combination of architects and construction workers, managing separate budgets and timelines while acting as the main point of contact in overseeing the project and relaying any changes or updates throughout the build. Home builders can help with home design and maximizing the space on your lot. They can also help uncover hidden costs and even mitigate some of them.

If you are considering building on your own lot, contact Excel Capital Construction. Our system makes the customer the focal point while streamlining the entire building process. 404-787-1088