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Custom Home Design List

When you decide you want a custom home built, there is plenty to keep in mind. We at ECC recommend having a “wish list” to organize the project and make it less overwhelming.

Put your dreams to paper

It’s your dream home, spare no idea or concept. Even if it seems unrealistic at the time, a good builder can work wonders with the right concept. The best source material for ideas are magazines, websites, and galleries of already completed custom homes. Some trends are timeless, and some come and go. It’s all about your vision, for your custom home. Some prefer kitchen islands, while others like more open kitchen options. Do your research, find inspiration from visuals, write down your ideas, and dream big.

Prioritizing The List

Once you have a concise list of what you want, prioritizing your list is up next. This is where you can sort the importance of your wants and needs in a tangible format. The best practice is to use your computer, better yet a sheet of paper to create an outline. You want to sort everything into different sections. The things you “need” “want to have” and “perfect scenario”

Next you want to delineate the importance of each concept, put the 100% no questions asked items in “need”. Next place the items that ideally you want but can do without in the long run in the “want to have” section. Last place items you would have if money and time werent an object in “perfect scenario”.

Talk To The Experts

Now that your list is settled, you’ll want to take that list to experts. They can evaluate the list for several factors. They will let you know how obtainable the concepts are with your budget and where you can save money on others. This can help you develop a timeline and budget for getting your custom home built. Bring your list to us at ECC and let us help you with your dream home. We have an extensive gallery of already completed projects to show you. Schedule a consultation today!