7ways - Excel Capital Construction


At Excel Capital Construction the customer is the starting point for our construction of the next dream home. And our customer service never stops, even after buyers have settled happily in with their families. Our customer service practices are designed to earn their loyalty and the referrals of friends and family for years to come. ​
  1. We Set Expectations from the Start

    Our Excel Team proactively brings up what homeowners will expect at each step along the way so there are fewer surprises. For example, when our clients know that a job will get messy along the way throughout the construction project, they are less likely to get upset if they see holes in the drywall or broken windows. These things happen routinely during construction and are fixed.
  2. We listen Closely to Understand

    Purchasing a home is financially and emotionally challenging! We understand this and want to work closely together with our clients to find a resolution to issues at every step. If we understand what is important to you, we can seek to find a resolution that works for everyone.
  3. We Nurture a Culture of Customer Service

    At Excel, success begins with our clients’ satisfaction. If something requires an expensive or time-consuming fix, then so be it. Our business is built on the excellent service we provide to our customers and the trust we build with them.
  4. We Keep Our Channels of Communication Open

    During the building process, our clients know how to find us. We are “on call” throughout the building process. Afterwards, during the one-year Home Warranty phase, our clients know who to call should an issue arise and a repair be necessary. We pride ourselves on our availability and responsiveness to our clients.
  5. We See Challenges as Opportunities

    Clients who are upset about some aspect of the job often provide much-needed feedback about ways we can improve operations. So, we see bumps in the road as learning opportunities. We are responsive to the needs, wants, and complaints of our clients, and make the adjustments when necessary.
  6. We Constantly Grow and Evolve

    To sit and stagnate is to get left behind in building and in real estate. We are a progressive company with our eyes always forward. We attend trade shows regularly to learn the BEST current practices and efficiencies in the business to pass along to our clients. We are diligent and always looking for opportunities to improve our processes, our people, our business.
  7. We Don’t Forget the Basics

    Still, when the industry evolves forward, we still practice the fundamentals of sound customer service and good business practices. We strive to do things the right way the first time. We fix things that are wrong. We treat people right. We enjoy what we do. We love to make our clients happy.